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An independent real estate broker building a long-term client base through innovative sales and marketing techniques. Extensive business experience as a small business owner and previous retailer manager. Ability to interact effectively and with sensitivity in multicultural environments. A goal-oriented self-starter able to work independently and/or with a team.


My interest in brewing great beer has grown from a hobby I began in 1998 to the passion I hold for it today. During these past eight years, I have brewed more than 364 batches of beer, ranging from the standard styles to the eclectic. With my family, I have also gained a keen interest in skills of the culinary arts. The combination of these two interests has taught me that beer is food and should be treated as such. And, because of this, my focus has become the ability to pair various foods with my different styles of beer.

During my beer-brewing endeavors, I have made many friends in the brewing industry as well, from local brew pubs to large regional breweries. These relationships have successfully fueled my desire to increase my skills as a brewer. I have developed many of my own recipes, and with the assistance and technical expertise of my wife, have refined them into award-winning brews. My desire is to advance my brewing career to a professional level and continue the success I have achieved thus far. Personally, I aspire to work with an organization who's goal is to establish a "regular" menu of beers and a line of seasonal/specialty brews. By including these beers in the cuisine preparation, while also providing the staff with the knowledge to explain the fare-brew pairings, the patrons will undoubtedly enjoy the best possible meals of their lives.


  • April, 1998 - Brewed first batch with a "Mr. Brew" kit
  • May, 1998 - Progressed to extract kit brewing
  • September, 1998 - Brewed first all-grain batch
  • Since 1998 - Have brewed approximately 364+ batches
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