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Our Beer Cheese is a Farmer's cheese that is carefully bathed in Wisconsin Bock Beer. This unique process infuses the flavor of the beer into a very mild cheese with a slight malty aftertaste. Enjoy with your favorite Beer of any style.


Our Caraway is a Farmer's Cheese that has a nice compliment of rye. We like to cut this one up and eat it straight. Makes a Zinfandel taste like a meal. Goes rather nicely with premium Vodkas and makes a great appetizer.


Our Garlic Flavor is a Yellow Brick Cheese that explodes with garlic on your first bite. No shortage of flavor as most people cannot get enough of this good thing! A flavor reminiscent of happiness. Enjoy with a good Brown Ale or all by itself.


Our Habanero is made for the person who says "This Cheese Ain't Hot Enough.!" With age, the cheese gets increasingly creamier and creates a very nice afterburn. Fresh it is firm with a bit of salt up front and a really cool delayed burn. Great in stuffed meatloaf. Shred over a homemade pizza for a real taste treat. Goes well with Mexican Style lagers.


Our Horseradish Cheddar can be aged and aged. Buy a pack, put it in the back of the fridge & faggetabout it! Of course open one up for now and experience a creamy cheddar with a smooth horseradish bite. Shred this one up and make a cheesy beef or cube it and top off your favorite salad. Pairs nicely with all dark beer, whiskey barrel aged beers and, oh, Whiskey.


Our Horseradish and Chive is a Farmers Cheese whereas the cheesemaker must either wear a respirator or clear the building whilst making up a big batch! Mouthwatering horseradish flavor with chives to compliment the bit of heat. Try this with smoked beers, bock , Chenin Blanc or other semi dry wine.


Our Jalapeno is a Farmer's cheese chock full of those little rascals. Although hot, the cheese sweetens them up a bit for a very mellow blend of spices. This one is a must for stuffed cheeseburgers. Melt over chicken tenders, or just cut 'em up & eat 'em. Goes well with any summer or Mexican style beer.

pizza cheese

Our Pizza Flavored Cheese is a "Jack" style and is stuffed full 'o' garlic, basil and a hint of black pepper. Each bite gives you the feeling you are dining in Italy! Very versatile cheese, melt on Italian bread and add some hot pepper flakes for a kick. Pairs well with light lagers,ales , Belgian syle Witbier and any Red wine.

red wine

Our Wine cheese is a Farmer's cheese that is hand dipped into a bath of fresh red wine. The marbling is unique and with age this one will get very creamy and the wine flavors just melt on your pallet. Enjoy with Australian Shiraz, Zinfandel or Cabernet.

smoked gouda

Smoked Gouda is a semi soft cheese with a sweet taste up front and a smoky aftertaste. Great cheese for a brown ale or stout. Pairs well with fine Whiskey. Cut up in cubes, eat it straight or serve it with a chicken salad.

smokey habanero

We also offer the Habanero in a smoke flavored version. Why liquid smoke instead of a smokehouse? The Erickson's have spent hours experimenting with various methods of smoke flavored cheeses and have concluded that their unique way of infusing the right amount of liquid smoke insures your cheese will be smoky all the way to the center. This method also allows them quality and sanitary control to insure you get the highest quality product with the best flavor.

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